Saturday, June 4, 2011

Chace Crawford

Memorial Day is Monday and the same time of my flight back to Austin. My schedule was 5pm so my family drove me to JFK by 3pm right after the Liberty visit. We did grab food at the airport and while enjoying my food at sbarro I saw Chace Crawford..... (XOXO...) Just kiding, he is no Chace Crawford but he look like him wearing semi long hair, great smile, blue eyes and gorgeous body...damn he is hotttt.

But I'm with my family so super behave ako hehehe. He finish first and head to the airtrain, to bad JFK is so large i don't even know where he is going. around 4pm i check in already and say my goodbyes to my family.. lots of xoxo. 

Inside the plane, I'm setting up my earphone, the tv, seatbelts etc. Right when were about to fly some last passengers arrived, and guess what one of them is the Chace Crawford look a like. I'm I lucky or what? He is seated at the other end just in line with my seat. Too bad he wear his cap because he sleep the entire trip. If I'm only right beside him i could have hmmmmmm..... XOXO

Friday, June 3, 2011


It was Memorial Day Weekend last week, meaning first ever holiday since January here in the US. So I visited my parent in New York who just arrived last month, no choice sila but to stay here for good. Kasi sila magpetition sa bunso kung kapatid so kahit ayaw nila they have no choice but to stay. My sis plan the whole weekend and one of our stop is Boston, MA. Dream come true kasi I can visit my dream school, I bet i don't even need to mention it you all know the number 1 school in the world.

After a super duper pasyal, it's time to eat na. We went to Quincy market in the heart of Boston Downtown. Gee super dami ng tao sa market pero super nice siya. It does not look like a market kasi ang neat niya at ganda. Inside the market is the long stretch of food choices, i grab all the seafood special nila lalo na yung oyster yum yum tlga. while walking i overheard a girl kinda shouting, you look like THOR, oh my god. Dahil dun pumasok agad sa isip ko ung maskuladong katawan ni Thor ( I did watch the movie and enjoy it.. hehe). Paglingon ko, pause for a few seconds then ay pwede. So ako pasimple at ngcheck ng menu nila, Italian pala si cashier at i must say mukhang masarap yung pasta nila at madaming shrimp.

So ako napaorder agad at syempre tinagalan ko talaga sa cashier. I requested a plate, tissue, fork, spoon, add more drinks. I order it separately, na kunwari ngiisip pa. Pero he is so sweet at laging all smile while saying "Are you sure thats it?". And i whisper, nope! I want you for "TO GO".... wahehehehe